Heather Stewart

Prosperity Flow Coaching Certified Master Coach Practitioner Certified Group Coach Practitioner

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After spending 15 years as a Certified Professional Accountant Heather found her true calling in helping others find their best way to health. A major career shift moved her to open her own yoga studio and returned to school to launch a new career as a registered massage therapist. Standing with a foot in the corporate world and a foot in the wellness space she could see the disconnect. So many business professionals struggled to balance their personal health with the demands of their career. So many health and fitness professionals struggled to run a successful business. Heather now helps successful executives and solopreneurs to balance their lives between the six aspects of wellness to create their own version of a happy successful life.

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There Is No Such Thing As Work Life Balance - The Six Ingredients You Need For A Happy Fulfilled Life

May 10, 2022, 09:00 PM
Heather Stewart